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Consumer Electronics Cases
Headset carrying cases
Molded Shaped EVA Headset Carrying Case
The headset carrying cases come with custom-fit EVA molded tray, and premium inner pouch made of PU leather.
EVA 11 laptop case
EVA Hard Travel 11 Inch Laptop Case
Custom EVA laptop case is designed specifically to fit 11" laptops.
Sennheiser headphones cases HD598 HD202
EVA Headphone Case for Sennheiser
The portable headphone case is compatible with Sennheiser HD598CS, Sennheiser HD598, Sennheiser HD202, ATH M50X, Momentum On-Ear, SONY MDR-V6, Beyerdynamic DT990, AKG K240, AKG K701.
EVA hard laptop sleeve
EVA Hard Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Air
EVA hard laptop sleeve is designed specifically to fit 13" laptops, such as MacBook Air
EVA laptop case
Waterproof EVA Hard Shell Molded Laptop Case
EVA laptop case is designed specifically to fit 12-13" laptops.
Custom speaker carry cases
EVA JBL GO2 GO1 Speaker Carrying Cases
Custom speaker carry cases stores and protects JBL GO 1 / GO 2 Bluetooth wireless speaker.
Custom Bose speaker case
Bose Speaker Case for Soundlink Revolve
Custom Bose speaker case stores and protects Bose Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth wireless speaker.
EVA Zippered speaker cases
EVA Zippered Speaker Cases for JBL Clip3 Clip2
EVA Zippered speaker cases is ideal designed to fit for JBL Clip3 Clip2 wireless speaker.
Medical Carrying EVA Cases
First aid kit EVA case
First Aid Kit EVA Case Box
First aid kit EVA case is lightweight, shockproof and not easily deformed. The nylon surface is waterproof and easy to clean. This medical EVA carrying case can protect and store your supplies.
EVA stethoscope case
EVA Hard Travel Littmann Stethoscope Case
EVA stethoscope case has been designed to offer the maximum protection for your stethoscope whilst remaining lightweight and stylish.
Custom EVA ear thermometer case
EVA Protective Storage Braun Ear Thermometer Case
Custom EVA ear thermometer case is well designed for Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 ear thermometer.
EVA stethoscope carry case
EVA Medical Carrying Stethoscope Case
EVA stethoscope carry case has been designed to offer the maximum protection for your stethoscope whilst remaining lightweight and stylish.
EVA medical carrying case
EVA First Aid Kit Medical Carrying Case
Compact high-end first aid kit medical carry case is lightweight, shockproof and not easily deformed. The PU surface is smooth, waterproof and easy to clean. This molded medical case can protect and store your supplies.
Tool & Equipment EVA Cases
Molded EVA zipper case
Textured PU Leather EVA Zipper Case
EVA zipper cases are good enough to keep your device or tool and small accessories safe.
EVA case for jig head hooks
EVA Hard Travel Case for Jig Head Hooks
EVA case for jig head hooks is shockproof dustproof and waterproof to protect and organize your fishing tackle jig head hooks.
EVA tool case
EVA Tool Case for Baby Products
PU leather surface EVA tool case is shockproof dustproof and waterproof to protect and organize your baby products
EVA tool case
EVA Tool Case with Wood Grain PU Leather
Wood grain surface EVA tool case is shockproof dustproof and waterproof to protect your tool or equipment.
Custom EVA muscle massage gun case
EVA Muscle Massage Gun Carrying Case
Custom EVA muscle massage gun case is shockproof dustproof and waterproof to protect your Hypervolt massaging gun and accessories from impacts and splashes.
Camouflage EVA muscle massage gun case
Camouflage EVA Muscle Massage Gun Case for Hypervolt
Camouflage EVA muscle massage gun case is shockproof dustproof and waterproof to protect your Hypervolt massager gun and accessories from impacts and splashes.
Battery hard travel case
Waterproof EVA Foam Battery Hard Travel Case
Battery hard travel case can accommodate 146 batteries, including 61*AA, 58*AAA, 6*D, 8*C, 13*9V, and multiple charging cables, and one battery tester.
Outdoor EVA Cases
Cap carrier case
EVA Hard Travel Camouflage Cap Carrier Case
Cap carrier case can hold all types of baseball caps.
Motorcycle helmet case
Protective EVA Motorcycle Helmet Case
Motorcycle helmet case features a lightweight sturdy construction and internal suspension straps for keeping the helmet secure.
Goggle case
EVA Hard Carrying Ski Goggle Case
Keep your Goggles protected with one of our hard-shell goggle case.
Essential oil travel case
EVA Hard Essential Oil Travel Case
Essential oil travel case holds 10 essential oil bottles of 10ml with elastic holder.
Essential oil carrying case
EVA 70 Holes Essential Oil Carrying Case
Essential oil carrying case holds 70 essential oil bottles of 15ml.
Essential oil carry case
EVA 42 Holes Essential Oil Carry Case
Essential oil carry case holds 42 essential oil bottles of 15ml.
Essential oil case
Small EVA 10 Essential Oil Case
EVA essential oil carrying case holds 10 essential oil bottles.
EVA eyewear case
EVA Hard Travel Zipper Eyewear Case
EVA eyewear case is designed with hard-foam EVA, you are ensured of the protection it can give your precious sunglasses possession.
Fashion & Accessories
EVA shirt carrier case
EVA Shirt Hard Travel Case
EVA shirt carrier case is a perfect organizer for shirts while you are traveling.
iWatch travel case
EVA Hard Shell iWatch Travel Case
Custom EVA watch travel case holds and protects your watch for storage or travel.
Custom EVA molded watch case
Molded EVA Zipper Watch Case
Built with a hard shell design, this custom EVA molded watch case is perfect for traveling or storing any kind of watch.
Custom EVA watch cases
EVA Watch Carrying Travel Case
Hard shell watch travel case keep your wristwatch / smart watch protected while traveling or storing.

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KinFish Case is a producer of a wide range of EVA cases. Our main objective is to provide the best service and highest quality to our customers. We achieve this through close attention to every step of our production process, which includes quality control in acccordance with the international standards.

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We aim to grow our business with integrity, sticking to our core values of sustainable manufacturing that enable us to build meaningful relationships with our partners.

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  • LINE-X
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  • Lenovo
Case Studies

Click on the boxes below to see our case studies, and see how we have helped our clients' design and produce innovative case solutions for their unique products.

Case Study: Stylish EVA Molded Bags
Case Study: Stylish EVA Molded Bags
Application: Cosmetics, purse and mobile phone Customer’s Requirement: 1. Need pattern from carved wood The customer Lily is the owner at ZGUI that is dedicated to fashion paper handbag for women. She was interested in EVA molded bags, and hopefully developed new stylish bags by EVA material and thermoforming process. As a result, she found out KinFish Case that is experienced EVA case factory. The ideas in Lily’ mind was to use complicated and traditional Chinese style 3D pattern on the carved wood for EVA molded bags. Our engineering team could make it. We received 6 pieces of carved wood which looked like treasure map, so complicated pattern, and challenge our thermoforming process. Soon after, engineering team scanned the data, and made all of 3D artwork of these EVA bags. Challenge for tooling As the pattern is complicated, each embossed part thickness of the pattern should take more time to calculate and set up more precisely on the tooling. Challenge for surface material As ZGUI is a fashion brand of women handbag, Lily prefers to use PU leather as surface material. Normal PU wouldn’t work well on these complicated pattern. The only way out is to use special flexible soft PU. We win the challenges above after the second testing. Lily got 6 models of stylish and awesome EVA molded bag samples. Everything was approved and appreciated. Soon, we received a PO that ordered 3000 pcs of each item as initial order. Custom EVA cases? Neoprene cases? Travel bag? Better call KinFish Case! Email: Tel: +86 13412288050
Case Study: EVA DJ Equipment Case
Case Study: EVA DJ Equipment Case
Application: DJ equipment and accessories Customer’s Requirement: 1. Hard, lightweight and durable 2. High performance protection 3. Easy to carry In May 2018, we received an inquiry from Mr. Allen from USA. He was going to develop several custom large EVA cases for DJ equipment. From what Allen said, He have some heavy and strong aluminum cases which can provide a good protection, but is is not easy to carry outside. So he wanted to develop a series of EVA carry cases which are rigid and lightweight, and protect his object well. After discussing, it was clear for us to know customer’s demands. 7 days later, we responded the customer with our first version solution. EVA with 75 degree and 6mm is priority selection, it can provide higher hardness than usual. For outside material, we used black 600D Oxford fabric which is durable. For lining, we used black Velvet. As for providing high performance protection, we used egg-foam with density 18kg/m3 and thickness 4cm on internal upper shell, and flat-foam with with density 33kg/m3 and thickness 1cm on lower. There were 4 ways for carrying: top handle, single-shoulder strap, backpack strap and Hand luggage compatible. Customer was very happy and agreed with our ideas. We moved forward, making molds and sampling. During the developing, we were patient to improve the samples continually, to make them better. The customer satisfied these cases and appreciated everything we did, such as communication, designing, sampling and no fearing problems. Finally, we got 6 models order. Custom EVA cases? Better call KinFish Case! +86 13412288050
Case Study: EVA Wig Case
Case Study: EVA Wig Case
Application: Human Hair Wigs Customer’s Requirement: 1. Luxurious, enticing 2. Bling-bling surface 3. Golden and silver This is a customer from Dubai, who has been manufacturing and selling human hair wigs. He connected with us in Mar. 2019, and hoped that we can help him to create an EVA case for wigs. He usually use paper box as the packaging. At this round, he wanted it different, wanted to something new. The keywords from him are luxurious and enticing. After communications, our design team did a graphic drawing as soon as possible. On our proposal, we suggested to use PU leather as surface, molded embossed logo on the lid, and golden metal zipper puller. these can match “Luxurious”. Our purchaser headed to leather market over and over, to look for perfect leather. We offered a couple of different PU leather and some different style zip pullers to customer. Then customer picked out a PU leather with Bling-bling and round-shape golden zip puller, he loved them. Customer confirmed materials on April. 10th , and wished he could received a batch of cases by the end of May. It would be a challenge for us. Normally, 10 - 15 days for making molds & sampling; 3 - 5 days for shipping samples; Around 20 days for shipping products by sea. That means we only had 10 - 15 days for mass production, even customer placed an order right away. Quite a tight time, we organized sampling as soon as possible. CNC machines was machining the molds day and night, sampling team was working overtime. Finally, we spent only 6 days to finish the EVA case samples, and customer received them in 2 days. Customer appreciated everything, then placed an order quickly. Custom EVA cases? Better call KinFish Case! +86 13412288050
Case Study: EVA Case for GoPro Cameras
Case Study: EVA Case for GoPro Cameras
Application: GoPro cameras Customer’s Requirement: 1. Protecting GoPro cameras 2. Case shape that can match cameras perfectly 3. A opening on the side which can make GoPro cameras with selfie stick put in & take out easily This is a client who specializes in accessories of GoPro cameras. There are some EVA carry cases on their product category, so they are aware of EVA cases. During developing, we met few problems, so we are sharing this case with you. LOGO: The case provides protection for GoPro, and it must fit and match the shape of the camera. Due to the lens on GoPro is convex, the upper shell of case has to follow it. It brought a problem that we can’t print a logo by silk screen printing. Nothing can bring us down. After discussing, we had an idea to figure out. We made a aligned mold and printed a logo by heat transferring by high frequency. The logo looks perfect and comes with 2mm thickness, which gets embossed. OPENING: The GoPro cameras come with a selfie stick, then only the camera part is put in the EVA hard case. A concept is that users don’t need to disassembly and assembly the selfie stick. It is simple and easy for users. So the case is not closed, there must be an opening. For this opening, we can’t cut it out by die-cut mold in production. The only way out is to make a mark on the case, then cut it out by manual work. We offered a case sample which can let client satisfied. In the end, he placed the first order of 10,000pcs. After that, the client told us he was working with another supplier before, but couldn’t reach his needs, and difficult to communicate. He is happy to work with KinFish Case, because KinFish Case always considers everything on customers’ side. Custom EVA cases? Better call KinFish Case! +86 13412288050
Case Study: EVA Case for Ice Packs
Case Study: EVA Case for Ice Packs
Application: Ice Packs Customer’s Requirement: 1. Keep ice packs cold 2. A flap with zipper around This is a customer who specialize in sporting recovery products. In Apr. 2018, The customer connected with us, he would like to develop an EVA carrying case for his new item - ice packs. The carry case must be able to keep ice packs cold. The lining should be insulated material that can provide staying cold as the one on cooler bag. What the customer was worried about if an EVA case can keep cold? We ended up the worry quickly with professional knowledge. EVA foam has ability of insulation which can keep warm and keep cold. Also, the case goes with insulated lining (PEVA), it can increase insulation performance. Challenge For Lining An EVA foam laminated PEVA can’t get thermoforming process, because PEVA can’t get high temperature. Our develop team figured out by unique sewing, made it as perfect lining. Challenge For A Flap With Zipper Around And Keeping Cold The customer wanted to have a internal flap with zipper around. We made the first version sample, but found out there was a problem. Based on zipper stitched to the internal case around and Inside rigid PVC flap, it was hard for zipper to go smoothly in the corner, and zipper looks terrible (waved) actually. We made a new solution that is to change zipper around to zipper going down center, and rigid PVC flap become flexible EPE foam flap. This action not only solve the problem above, but also bring a profit. EPE foam and better seal can help increasing keep-cold performance mostly. We used first version sample to test with ice packs. It could keep cold, but not enough for us. Now, this EVA carry case can keep cold for up to 6 hours! “Amazing, well done!” the customer said, once he received the sample. It is happy for us to serve each customer well and solve each problem we met. Custom EVA cases? Better call KinFish Case! +86 13412288050
Case Study: EVA Case for Photoflood Light
Case Study: EVA Case for Photoflood Light
Application: LED Photoflood Light and accessories Customer’s Requirement: 1. Protecting objects well 2. Well-organized insert This is a customer who is dedicated to manufacture LED Photoflood Lights. His American customer wanted them to supply the LED photoflood light that comes with a custom-fit EVA carry case. There are a light and some accessories which are different shapes. The question was that how we design a insert to reach well-organized, space saving and cost saving maximally. There are solutions A and B we made. Item included: A round-shape LED photoflood light, adapter with cable, Z-shape bracket, charger and batteries Solution A We go with EVA molded(Thermoformed) insert. There are two layers on the insert, the first for the light, the second for all accessories. Good news is that we can save space maximally and easy to carry. Bad news is that low safety performance. The light is fragile, and accessories have different height. While carrying, it will be easy to make the light and accessories crashed each other, then cause the light get broken. Solution B We still go with EVA molded insert, and only one layer on it. We organize all items well in a place. Each slot for each item. Each slot get 1-2MM smaller than objects to ensure no shaking while carrying. Advantage is that the insert can provide high protective performance. Disadvantage is that the entire EVA case get larger size. After discussing with the customers, and on safety grounds, customer chose the Solution B. Custom EVA cases? Better call KinFish Case! +86 13412288050
Case Study: EVA Medical Carrying Case
Case Study: EVA Medical Carrying Case
Application: medical supplies Customer’s Requirement: 1. Sampling and 40,000 unit production within 20 days This was a new customer from Toyota Highlander China. We got in contact at the end of Feb 2020, when we were in big trouble COVID-19. The customer told that he wanted to do promotion for Highlander with a custom EVA hard shell medical case, target quantity was 40,000 unit and target lead time was 20 days. This was an urgent order and big challenge, due to Coronavirus. Even in normal times, it is still a bit challenge. At that time, we just resumed to work. On the other hand, most of our supplier was being off. It seems like an impossible work, but we didn’t want to give up, then “yes, let’s do it” we said. From March 1st to 3rd, with our high ability and rich experience, we completed the mold making and sampling within 3 days, a beautiful red EVA case with silk screen printed logo. And then, we arranged to sent the sample to customer for approval. The customer was happy to receive the nice sample, and appreciated that we could made it so fast. As the order was urgent, customer wanted to have the medical cases as soon as possible. So we decided to ship the cases in 5 batch. Next up, we went mass production. Available time was remaining 15 days. At this stage, the biggest problem was red 600D fabric supply. As we said above, most of supplier was being off. We gave lots of phone call to each supplier we had. Luckily, we connected a fabric supplier who had had some in-stock 600D fabric, which could allow us to start the first batch production at least. Meanwhile, they were able to start the production for remaining 600D fabric we need. Supply problem was figured out. We organized our workers to work day and night efficiently. The first batch shipment, the second batch shipment, and then the fifth batch shipment arrived. All the medical carry cases were approved by customer’s inspectors. Finally, we made it! This was the best experience we ever had. Custom EVA cases? Better call KinFish Case! +86 13412288050
Customer Reviews

Our honest and trustworthy business philosophy has earned numerous high praises from our customers.

Aylin Celik
Aylin Celik

- Jan 15, 2017

For one of our new product we were searching a company, that can support us with development and production of a carrying EVA case. KinFish Case has good experience in thermoforming and sewing products. We appreciated the smart solution they provided, and 100% satisfied with the carry hard shell case.
Elise Roux
Elise Roux

- Sep 25, 2018

We received all the EVA travel cases, and they look perfect! KinFish Case made the whole customization process much easier than we thought. They understood what we wanted. The EVA case is premium quality at reasonable price. We are really happy to have found such a good and cooperative partner.
John McLella
John McLella

- Dec 27, 2019

Excellent experience - after sourcing several suppliers of custom EVA cases we opted for Dongguan Kinfish because of high quality and the attention of their agent Parker working with us throughout. Everything was great! Our customers were really interested in our nice looking cases.
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