• 4 Reasons Why You Choose An EVA Case Sep 26 , 2020
    There is traditional soft fabric or neoprene case, and hard plastic ABS case on the market, why should we choose an EVA case? EVA cases have a rigid exterior, though they remain flexible and lightweight. Whether used to store medical equipment or consumer electronics, EVA cases provide the adequate protection and durability at a reduced cost. High-performance Protection Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA...
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  • Why EVA Cases Are the Best Choice for Eyewear Sep 21 , 2020
    There is 61% of people in the world who rely on glasses for sight, if you are the one of them, then this blog is for you. Whenever you buy new glasses, since each pair of glasses comes with a universal eyeglass case (supplied with the glasses case you bought), there is usually no need to look for an eyeglass storage case. The problem with these generic cases is that they does not last long, becaus...
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