Why Stethoscope Need to Be Kept in an EVA Carrying Case

October 14 , 2020

If you are a doctor or a nurse or anybody who is related to medicine through any means and owns a stethoscope needs to know the best possible way to keep your stethoscope clean and safe and i.e. in an EVA carrying case.

medical carrying eva cases


You must ask what EVA is. Well, EVA is an ethylene-vinyl acetate and it is a copolymer. The cool thing about EVA is that it feels like rubber and plastic both at the same time, but its vast uses are because of its rubbery nature not because of the plastic. Also, if you are comparing it with the low-density polythene you must know that EVA is three times more flexible than that. So, this is not just a standard plastic. And EVA is mostly used in high quantities in the Asian-Pacific regions. According to a report in 2019, Japan alone consumed 28 tons of EVA.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate is used in the market for several product formations and uses. It is used as an adhesive, it is used in the formation of the electrical appliances, and it is also used in the manufacturing of various types of cases for different products e.g. EVA stethoscope carrying cases.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is used so widely because of its unique nature and properties that are:

UV Resistant
Ultraviolet radiations are highly toxic and can damage our skin and can cause skin cancer and other health issues. Now, these rays are also responsible for entering closed boxes and containers to destroy what’s inside. But if you have an EVA container you are good to go because the material is UV resistant and do not let any type of ultraviolet radiation come inside the case and destroy the product unless it is open.

Normally most of the materials react to the changes in temperature and environment especially plastic. When plastic breaks down the particles released are highly toxic and cancerous. Most of the chemical materials when breakdown can cause very serious health issues if they get consumed. But EVA fortunately, is not toxic at all. It also has high melting and boiling points and also it is quite flexible and hence it is not bad for your health that doesn’t mean you can consume it. But it has no side effect when it comes in direct contact with your skin.

Another good thing about EVA is that it is waterproof. So, suppose that you are carrying an EVA case and you are with your friends and enjoying lunch and somebody by accident drops a beverage on your case, or you are just walking by and suddenly it starts raining and your EVA case gets wet or you dropped your case in a waterbody by mistake, in all of these situations you do not have to worry even a tiny bit. Because water cannot enter EVA cases no matter how heavy the rain is or how strong the beverage is. Also, EVA is used for the buoyancy and motor pumping in bulk.

High strength and crack resistance
As we have discussed before that EVA is quite flexible and compressible as compared to standard polythene, so it is also a good shock absorber. So, you can drop it several times and it won’t break at all, unlike other plastic materials. Even if you use leather it starts to wear off with the scratches, But EVA won’t disappoint you if it comes to strength.

Another selling point of EVA is that it is recyclable which means it is not a great burden on the environment like other plastics and industrialists have proper recyclers installed which creates a better quality EVA after recycling it. So, if you are wondering about its damage you must know that it is recycled.

Highly affordable and durable
Though high affordability is not a physical or chemical property, EVA cases are highly affordable and quite cheap in a simple language, but that doesn’t mean the quality of EVA is any less. These cases are highly durable and can last up to years if taken care of correctly.

Usually, when they make EVA carrying cases, they make the outer side with a thick EVA foam that keeps it hard like a helmet and makes it dustproof, waterproof, and UV resistant. The inside of these EVA foam cases, however, is quite soft and meshy where your stethoscope can reside comfortably and there is no possible chance of your stethoscope getting damaged until it is in the EVA case. Now by knowing all the properties and price points of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate it will be only smart if you buy an EVA case for your stethoscope and if possible, try EVA cases for your other stuff as well.

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