Case Study: EVA Case for GoPro Cameras

Jun 17, 2018
Application: GoPro cameras
Customer’s Requirement:
1. Protecting GoPro cameras
2. Case shape that can match cameras perfectly
3. A opening on the side which can make GoPro cameras with selfie stick put in & take out easily

This is a client who specializes in accessories of GoPro cameras. There are some EVA carry cases on their product category, so they are aware of EVA cases. During developing, we met few problems, so we are sharing this case with you.

The case provides protection for GoPro, and it must fit and match the shape of the camera. Due to the lens on GoPro is convex, the upper shell of case has to follow it. It brought a problem that we can’t print a logo by silk screen printing. Nothing can bring us down. After discussing, we had an idea to figure out. We made a aligned mold and printed a logo by heat transferring by high frequency. The logo looks perfect and comes with 2mm thickness, which gets embossed.

EVA cases

EVA carry cases

The GoPro cameras come with a selfie stick, then only the camera part is put in the EVA hard case. A concept is that users don’t need to disassembly and assembly the selfie stick. It is simple and easy for users. So the case is not closed, there must be an opening. For this opening, we can’t cut it out by die-cut mold in production. The only way out is to make a mark on the case, then cut it out by manual work.

EVA hard case

We offered a case sample which can let client satisfied. In the end, he placed the first order of 10,000pcs. After that, the client told us he was working with another supplier before, but couldn’t reach his needs, and difficult to communicate. He is happy to work with KinFish Case, because KinFish Case always considers everything on customers’ side.

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