Case Study: Stylish EVA Molded Bags

Sep 25, 2020

EVA Molded Bag

Application: Cosmetics, purse and mobile phone
Customer’s Requirement:
1. Need pattern from carved wood

The customer Lily is the owner at ZGUI that is dedicated to fashion paper handbag for women. She was interested in EVA molded bags, and hopefully developed new stylish bags by EVA material and thermoforming process. As a result, she found out KinFish Case that is experienced EVA case factory.

The ideas in Lily’ mind was to use complicated and traditional Chinese style 3D pattern on the carved wood for EVA molded bags. Our engineering team could make it. We received 6 pieces of carved wood which looked like treasure map, so complicated pattern, and challenge our thermoforming process. Soon after, engineering team scanned the data, and made all of 3D artwork of these EVA bags.

Challenge for tooling
As the pattern is complicated, each embossed part thickness of the pattern should take more time to calculate and set up more precisely on the tooling.

Challenge for surface material
As ZGUI is a fashion brand of women handbag, Lily prefers to use PU leather as surface material. Normal PU wouldn’t work well on these complicated pattern. The only way out is to use special flexible soft PU.

We win the challenges above after the second testing. Lily got 6 models of stylish and awesome EVA molded bag samples. Everything was approved and appreciated. Soon, we received a PO that ordered 3000 pcs of each item as initial order.

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