If you are looking for a case that can protect your delicate devices or sensitive instruments, 

a thermoformed EVA case is an ideal solution. 

Custom EVA Case

Due to its durability, rigidity and lightweight, EVA cases offer perfect alternative to hard plastic cases and aluminum cases.

With low tooling cost, an EVA foam can be molded to any shape, any size you want.

KinFish Case's unique thermoforming process can create better and diversified form of EVA hard shell cases.

In addition, advanced lamination process we have can create stronger adhesion of cover material.

This increases durability and enable our customers to have more design option.

Our professional Quality Control team inspects all of our incoming raw materials

and outbound finished products to ensure on-time delivery and high quality.

Features & Benefits of EVA Cases:

- Low tooling costs

- Lightweight portability with protection of a hard case

- Easier to shape & low rejection rate

- To offer security against impact, dust, sun, moisture and other environmental stresses

- Variety of colors

- Eco-friendly


What is EVA?

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. 

It serves multiple application purpose. EVA material is well-known for it's used in shoe wear. 

Through thermoforming process, the material can be utilized to build "hard shell" cases that are soft to touch, and won't crack like plastic. 

EVA Hard Shell Cases


Branded EVA Case

EVA Shell Customization

Impressive looking starts from fully-customized outer shell

At KinFish Case, we offer various custom options to create the outer shell of your branded EVA case.

With over 10 years of molding process, we are able to make your case into any shape as required.

Based on your brand culture, target market and budget, you can have a right solution of materials from us.

A customized outer shell ensures that your valuable product always stands out with a stylish look while being fully protected.

EVA Case Insert

Foam Insert Customization

High protection starts from custom-fit foam insert

Custom made foam inserts prevent your products from sliding around in an EVA case, and hold everything exactly in its place.

At KinFish Case, we can offer customized foam inserts below:

1. Die-cut foam insert of sponge foam / EVA foam / EPE foam

2. Laser-cut foam insert of EVA foam / EPE foam

3. Thermoformed foam insert of EVA foam

4. CNC routed foam insert of EVA foam

More about foam inserts

Logo Customization

Choosing the perfect logo


One of the major components of a brand is a logo, because as the "face" of a business, it is what people instantly recognize. 

Choosing the perfect logo on your EVA case can enhance your brand awareness.


At KinFish Case, we offer a wide range of ways to put your logo on the case shell, zipper, or label,

depending on your logo design, your brand identity, and your budget.


More about types of logo

Hard Shell EVA Case

Zipper & Puller Options

Customized EVA Case

Interior Pocket Options

Custom Travel EVA Case

Exterior Accessories Options

Customized EVA Case

Order Process

Custom Carrying Case EVA

EVA Case Manufacturing Process

As a experienced EVA case manufacturer with a monthly production volume of 200,000 pieces,

we produce OEM / ODM EVA cases in-house, staying costs within your budget without sacrificing style & quality.

EVA Case Manufacturer

Ready To Build Your Custom EVA Case?

If you have any demand or question, please send us an email with your case draft or design or concept, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Email: info@kfcase.com

Also, if you'd like to talk to a someone directly, you can call to speak with a KinFish Case expert who will learn about your rough ideas and custom needs.

Mob. / WhatsApp: +86 134 1228 8050

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