Why EVA Cases Are the Best Protectors for Headphones

Oct 28, 2020

We are living in the times where people are very aware and particular about the purchase they are making. An example of that is the purchase of technological devices, including machines, mobiles, laptops, headphones, tripods, and so much more. Technology is evolving at a very fast pace, and so are these devices. There is so much competition in the technology niche; therefore, every company is trying hard to beat the other by launching new features and devices every month. And when you go to that market, you try to buy the best and the latest item.

EVA Case Factory

Let’s say you invested in a great pair of headphones and they are working more than fine for you. And you are sure that they are quite solid and will go a long way with you. But because you did not store them properly or carried them with you in a low-quality headphone case or no case at all, they broke. All of your investment becomes a big fail. So, before investing in headphones or any other electronic device, please find out the way to store them first. Talking of headphones cases, have you ever heard of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) cases?

EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

EVA is a rubber-like plastic material which is chemically a copolymer or elastomeric polymer of ethene and vinyl acetate. The special thing about EVA is that it’s a foamy rubber that expands. And it is highly flexible and soft, but at the same time, it is very solid and a great protective shield. EVA is considered better than the usual plastic, and the main reason behind that’s is its shock absorbance, flexibility, and price factor.


EVA case factory is a huge industry that is spread in various parts of the world and the biggest manufacturer of EVA cases in China. EVA cases are hands down the best cases you can get in the market for your headphones no matter how much you have spent on them. They have separate meshy pockets that will keep your earphones detangled and safe. And on the outside, they have a big zipper that is quite practical. The outer hardness and the soft inner padding make EVA ideal for not only headphones but USB, card readers, Micro SD cards, and your phone charger.

Some distinct characteristics make EVA cases unique and highly practical.

Headphones Cases


You might think that EVA will look plastic, but in actual it looks like leather. Only because it is made up of vinyl rubber that is often called fake leather, so it won’t appear cheap or tacky. But the prices of EVA cases are far less than leather. So, it is a win-win situation, and you can carry you new cool EVA headphone cases everywhere you take your headphones with you. You can also get customized EVA cases for your headphones and select the interior design that suits your headphone the best.


EVA is not PVC, so it has not gone through harmful manufacturing procedures and chemical treatment. Moreover, if your EVA case gets damage after years of using it, you can easily dump it because it has no bad effect on the environment as well. So, it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. There is no plasticizer release danger so you can also keep your eatables like candies or chocolates in your EVA headphone case. Your headphones won’t get any chemical on them like PVC with the temperature changes.



As compared to the standard PVC cases, the EVA cases have great printability that’s important because most people customize their logos. And it should come off on the case clear and easy. Luckily, EVA cases are great for that purpose. You can customize the print according to your headphone's brand logo or whatever you like.


EVA sets have high durability and are very sturdy and can survive for up to ten years and more if they are not passed through extreme conditions, e.g. accidents. But other than that, they tend to show resistance to great shocks and extreme weather conditions. EVA is water-resistant as well as Ultraviolet resistant. These cases can also bear great stress and have elasticity properties, so they don’t get damaged. So, your headphones are going to be safe in it even if you or your friends unknowingly put pressure on these cases.


Another unique selling point of the EVA case is its lightweight property. It feels like you are almost holding nothing at all when you are holding an EVA case. So, it is unique because EVA has a very hard shell and strength properties, and still, it is lightweight that’s great because no person wants to carry extra weight these days.

Anyhow, these were all the main characteristics and reasons why you should buy EVA cases for your headphones. And it should convince you because from the strength, price, and durability point of view they are the best in the market right now. And that is all that we want from our headphone cases.

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